With ISP.com, you are allowed 10 e-mail addresses.  You might not want more than one right now, but may do so in the future.   Perhaps your present address may not be suitable if your are planning to correspond with somebody that wouldn't understand your present address, or you have a small business and want your address to reflect what you do, etc.   If you want to add a address, please do the following:

Go to  www.isp.com/members
click on "My Account"
Log in using your present e-mail and password
In the drop down window, choose "Add a new Email Account"
click "Load Module"
Enter a new email address
Use the same password that you logged in with
click "Add Address"

To set up your email program on your computer to send and receive email from this address, you must do the following:

In "Mozilla Suite" Mail Program
In your email program , click on "Edit"  then  "Mail & Newsgroup Settings " then "Add Account"

In "Thunderbird" Mail Program
In your email program , click on "Tools"  then  "Account Settings " then "Add Account"

click the "Mail Account" button  then "Next"
Follow the Wizard instructions 

Mail Account:  POP  or POP3
Server Name:  mail.isp.com

User name:
the first part of your new address without the @isp.com 

SMTP: mail.isp.com  (you shouldn't have to use this as it is already in your setup)

When you send your first email from this account, it may ask you for your password, just enter your password and click the "next or OK" button.

To send a email using this address, when composing the message, look at the top of your screen and there is a window ("From:") showing from which account the mail is from.  Use the drop down window and choose the proper account you wish to use.