Can't find 'Packaged' software that fits your business?

Greetings! My name is Bill Montgomery. I am a computer programmer/analyst available in the Chicago area (My resume). My specialty is custom programming in a database model called Multi-Value (also sometimes known as Multidimensional, Post Relational, Nested Table or non-first normal form). This includes such trade names as Universe and Unidata from IBM, D3 from Raining Data and AREV from Revelation Technologies, to name a few. Receiving my formal education in Business Economics, and having worked in the I. T. industry since 1984, I truly believe that taking advantage of this database model would give your company a competitive advantage. It would accomplish this in several ways:
  1. The total cost of ownership is lower than any other multiple user database. You would not need to hire a full time computer person.
  2. It is extremely flexible, able to grow with your business better that any other database. It can grow from a single user to thousands of simultaneous users without changes. Field sizes, record sizes and file sizes are variable length, limited only by the physical amount of disk available. Data fields can be added 'on the fly' without rebuilding the database, without even shutting the system down.
  3. It is extremely stable and bug-free, having evolved for decades. This means a lot less down time.
  4. It's performance is faster than any database out there; It was originally designed to run as efficiently as possible back when 64k of memory and 20 meg of disk was the norm. While secondary indexes are available, they are seldom used due to the high performance nature of the data model.
  5. It is easy to learn and use. Unlike SQL databases, it is common for end users to build and run their own queries on the database.
  6. Because of the three dimensional nature of the database, it is much easier to model real world data (invoices, purchase orders, customers, etc.) , and therefore, the design phase is much shorter. This lends itself to the development of custom applications faster and easier than in other environments.
  7. It works well with the newer technologies. Unlike relational flat SQL databases, the data is already stored in data cubes (like data warehouses) and in a hierarchical manner (like XML).
I call these 'The Seven Deadly (for your competition) Advantages'. Now, at this point you may be asking yourself, if all this is true, how come I never heard of it before? And why isn't everybody using it? Well, in all fairness, this has been the main 'knock' against multi-value databases. It has never been marketed well. This has led to fewer popular applications written for it (there are no PeopleSoft or SAP software written in it yet). This is similar to the situation of the Apple Macintosh computer. Although, like the Mac, you will have a hard time finding someone who uses it and doesn't love it. If you've found yourself frustrated by the 'packaged' software solutions out there that don't quite fit your business model or are simply curious, you owe it to yourself and your business to find out more. Think of it, Finally, affordable CUSTOM applications available for your business.

Please review my qualifications and let me know if I can be of service.

Thank you for your consideration.

Bill Montgomery, MVP
(Multi-Value Programmer)

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