Ahhh, da Islands...
Hawai'i Drivers GuideBook

If you think driving in Hawai'i is the same as driving anywhere else, then think again (if you think you do know: click here to be tested).   The Islands offer a unique driving experience, that can easily become a negative experience to the unwary.  Inside you will find exactly what the differences are, and how to cope with them.  As well as information on flora and fauna, *maps of all Islands and many towns, *tips on getting cheap housing, common Hawaiian words and phrases, personal and vehicle safety issues, references and much, much more (*Only in Online version of guidebook).   Tell me more

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"The Maui Mongoose"

This abridged version of the Hawai'i Drivers Guidebook is provided zero, zilch, nada, cipher, sifr, cifra, squat(shareread?).   If you would like to order the complete full-color hardcopy (soft cover) of the Guidebook for $6 (or only $3 for virtual versions), see the: Order Form (via Credit Card or check). To learn what the full versions offer please click here.
Hawaiian plumeriasHawaiian plumerias
John Fife
73-1239 Melomelo St.
Kailua-Kona, HI 96740
email:  keoni@isp.com
(808) 325-2720

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