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Help others understand the basics of their PC computers that are running Windows XP.   It is for the novice/non-geek computer user.  The intent is to explain some of the more important and common aspects in ways that will help the reader understand.   Liberty has been taken in explaining the PC to make it understandable to the general public.

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Why would I even want a damn computer in my home!?
What do all those computer terms and acronyms mean?
Should I buy the newest, faster computers when they come out?
What PC should I buy and what should it co$t?

How can I get more information about my PC HW and SW?
What's the difference between a Mac and a PC?
How do I find links for more help and computer vendor support?
How about just a list of PC computer tips?
When I buy a computer what do all those HW numbers mean?
How do I get this printer to work on my *&!#@! system!?
What are the basic hardware components of a modern PC?
What is the difference between Memory and Disk Space?
Do I need to turn my monitor off when I shutdown?
What do I do if my hardware does not work?!
What to do when the mousemouse goes dead
What HW peripherals/optional devices do I need?

What is that "grinding" noise and flashing light flashing LED?
Tell me about the Motherboard?
How do I, and when should I, upgrade my HW drivers
What SW comes with my computer and how do I use it?
Can I run my old Windows programs on XP?
What SW can I turn off and what do I need to leave running?
How do I figure out what this file is and does?
What is the correct way to Install and Uninstall a program?
When and how do I upgrade my SW application programs?
What is the Control Panel and how do I use it?
What is the OS(Operating System) and how does it affect me?
Is there a way to see how and what, my OS is doing?
What about the DOS command language?  How can I use it
What "got ya's" to know about if I have to Reinstall my OS?
Do I need to upgrade/patch my OS software?
Do I have to use MS Windows
-- what about Linux?
If I don't like XP can I safely, easily run a different OS?
XP: How do I automatically save copies of my system?
How do I cleanup the clutter on my Desk Top?
How do I houseclean my hard disk and when do I?
What are the basic HW and SW troubleshooting steps?
What is Dr. Watson and how does it help with system crashes?
What "got ya's" to know about if I have to Reinstall my OS?
What information and files should I keep about my computer?
How can I get my computer to take care of itself?
What are the steps to setup a computer and keep it running?
Why does the disk Defrag progam never finish?!
How do I schedule system tools to run automatically?
How do I Save a copy of the system Registry?
What System Tools do I have, and what might I want?
Why won't my computer boot?!?
What is a URL or internet address and how do I use them?
Should I Open email email that looks strange to me?
How can I see what I look like to others on the internet?
Do I need to pay for an ISP just to get email?
What causes SPAM No Spam! and how can I avoid getting it?
What kinds of functions can I doWeb is more fun if I get internet access?
What are "cookiescookie and how do I enable/disable them?
What is Fast Internet and is it worth the money?
How come my 56K modem never gets near that speed?
What is an email email address and how does it work?
What is a "Browser" and which one do I need?
What types of security do I need and how does it work?
If I can't boot to Windows, how do I boot to Safe Mode?
What do I do if I get a virus, worm or hurtful spyware?
How do I keep track of all these damn passwords?!?
What are viruses and why do they even exist?!
XP: How do I turn on the Windows XP FireflameWall?
What are Spyware and Adware and is it a problem?

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This information is generally regarding the Windows XP Home edition, but other versions are addressed and most information is generic in scope.   Information in this website is offered as a public service and is provided with no guarantee of accuracy or liability for any personal damage as a result of its use.  Use at your own risk.  Comments and suggestions are welcome.

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Thank you for your quick answer to my long question.  You solved my problem, you truly are a blessing to mankind.    I wish i knew a fraction of what you know.   I love your web site it helps me alot.   I tell everybody i know about it.  Thank you,Thank you,Thank you.   If i could send you a rootbeer floot though this screen it would have some cool whip & a big cherry on top.   Anita (October 2006)

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