Welcome to the Sky Tested Boomerangs page. These rangs are made with the recreational thrower in mind. All are guaranteed to return when thrown properly. The booms listed here are for the most part made from 4mm aircraft grade Finnish Birch plywood. Plys vary from 7 to 10 depending on what my wood source ships. Occasionally, I make some models in 5mm. Paint jobs vary depending on my frame of mind at the time, but no two are exactly alike. All come with instructions.
I do make left handed models on request. I don't throw left-handed so I can't 'Sky Test' them, but none of my lefties have ever come back. OOPS! Let me rephrase that. No one has ever returned one of my lefties because it didn't perform properly. At the present time all models featured on this page are $15 dollars. I don't charge extra for shipping in the U.S. My aim at Sky Tested Boomerangs is to offer good flying, well made booms for the first time thrower.
I love to collect booms ( especially any unusual shapes ), and would definitely consider trades with any other rangsmiths. Email me with particulars. If you see a boomerang you'd like to order just email me and we'll make the necessary arrangements. Enjoy and "Keep 'em Flying".

Please observe common sense safety precautions when throwing boomerangs.
I can't assume responsibility for the use or misuse of these booms.


This is a nice easy to throw 30 meter boomerang. A basic V Omega shape. It's been one of my favorites for as long as I've been throwing. It has a 16" wingspan with a nice round flight circle.


A mini 'Albatross' with a 12" wingspan. I've done a little redesign work on the foiling to make this a really fun to throw boom. Another nice circular flight pattern with a range of about 30 meters.


This boomerang has a 12" wingspan and a "traditional" shape. It likes to be thrown in a good breeze. Gains a lot of altitude and hovers down.

Art booms with a Native American motif.

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